Our face painting will turn you and your guests into Extraordinary Characters!

We can base our designs on any theme that you’d like and turn you into something magical! Face painting is great for children and adults, we can paint you as something cute, something scary, and even something elegant.
We use highly pigmented professional theatrical face paints, the same kind that is used in stage productions like “Cats” and Cirque du Soleil shows. We also use cosmetic grade glitters and glitter gels to highlight your face painting.
Face Paint will only last for the day and is removable with soap and water.

Pre-Care: Face Painting doesn't require any special pre-care, but the face should be clean of any dirt and food. (Chocolate Ice Cream and Cheetos dust DO count!)

Due to safety and hygiene concerns we cannot paint anyone who appears to be ill (coughing/sneezing/snotty nose), or infectious (evidence of rashes or itching), or on any skin that has sores or open cuts.

What to Expect: Your paint will quickly dry to the touch, and will be flexible and soft, not too dissimilar to wearing makeup. Gentle, dry touching will not smear the paint, and as long as you keep moisture away from it, it should last until you wash it off.

Aftercare: To remove your paint take a liquid soap or shampoo and rub it into your paint until it is all dissolved into the soap and you are "grayed out" all over. Then use a dark colored, wet, wash cloth to help you remove the rest of the paint. You may notice a little "ghosting" from the dark colors, where they seem to stain the skin and don't want to wash off.... a little bit of gel shaving cream or coconut oil rubbed into that area, left for a few minutes, and then wiped away, may help to remove it.