An Everyday Face.... Cherries, and Tarot, and Totems

An Everyday Face 5 / 365

Today's prompt was to use a collection in your art piece.... but I really don't collect anything.  Then I remembered that I do collect Tarot Card decks so I assembled this face using some of them.


An Everyday Face  6 / 365

My prompt for today was to use the first fruit or vegetable that you see, so I chose these sweet dark cherries to make this pink cheeked face.


An Everyday Face  7 / 365

I strayed from the prompts today. I decided to draw with my pen only, no sketching ahead with pencil. I also wanted to do a few different styles of face, so I went with this totem design.  I had very little room left for the face on the bottom, and I kept picturing a turtle holding up the world (like the Meso American creation myths) so I decided to draw the bottom guy with turtle shell hair and a beaky nose.  I'm really diggin' the 60's style background I added!


An Everyday Face 8 / 365

Today I did a pencil drawing of a sculpture of Buddha.


An Everyday Face

An Everyday Face 1/365

An Everyday Face: 1 / 365

An Everyday Face: 1 / 365

For my 365 Art Challenge I am using Noah Scalin's Daily Creativity Journal, and following his suggested prompts for my project: An Everyday Face.

Day 1 suggests that you take it easy, do something small, that fits in the palm of your hand, and uses materials that are in your immediate surroundings.  I had done a body painting gig the day before, and had 6 cakes of paint that didn't fit in my kit, so I used those colors and painted my first daily face in the palm of my hand.

An Everyday Face: 1 / 365    My supplies

An Everyday Face: 1 / 365  

My supplies

An Everyday Face: 1 / 365   Drinking water with my face

An Everyday Face: 1 / 365 

Drinking water with my face

An Everyday Face 2/365

Today's suggestion was to think of my favorite animal and let that be my inspiration for my piece.  I love elephants, and octopods, and whales....  I'll give the other two a try some day.

An Everyday Face: 2 / 365  Elephant Woman

An Everyday Face: 2 / 365

Elephant Woman

An Everyday Face 3/365

My challenge today was to use a piece of paper as my material for today's face, but I couldn't use scissors, or glue, or draw on it.  I decided to use a push pin to poke holes in the paper, but it was difficult to see, it just didn't show up very well.  After many attempts of different backgrounds and different types of lighting I discovered the best photo was taken if I stood in the darkened hall, turned the lights on in the bathroom and just cracked the door only as wide as the paper, I could get a photo that showed the light through the pin-pricks, and then I had to really boost the contrast and saturation in an editing program.

An Everyday Face: 3 / 365  Pin through Paper

An Everyday Face: 3 / 365

Pin through Paper

When my son was 8 years old he got in big trouble for taking a push pin and poking holes all over a lampshade.  My husband and I were furious!  We had a trip planned to Disney World for his upcoming birthday and there were threats of not taking him on his trip, of course I really wanted to go, so that was never actually going to happen.  But even today, 15 years later he still remembers how upset he was.  He said he was trying to make art for us, he thought the lamp would shine constellations onto the walls with the holes in the shade, luckily this didn't put too much of a damper on his creative spirit.  

An Everyday Face 4/365

"Take a 5 minute walk and use whatever materials you find there."  It is 100 degrees outside!  I'm not walking anywhere but into the pool!  I brought a couple of handful of rocks from the side of the walkway and while standing in the pool I arranged them into this energetic face.

An Everyday Face:  4 / 365  Stoner 

An Everyday Face:  4 / 365