An Everyday Face.... Cherries, and Tarot, and Totems

An Everyday Face 5 / 365

Today's prompt was to use a collection in your art piece.... but I really don't collect anything.  Then I remembered that I do collect Tarot Card decks so I assembled this face using some of them.


An Everyday Face  6 / 365

My prompt for today was to use the first fruit or vegetable that you see, so I chose these sweet dark cherries to make this pink cheeked face.


An Everyday Face  7 / 365

I strayed from the prompts today. I decided to draw with my pen only, no sketching ahead with pencil. I also wanted to do a few different styles of face, so I went with this totem design.  I had very little room left for the face on the bottom, and I kept picturing a turtle holding up the world (like the Meso American creation myths) so I decided to draw the bottom guy with turtle shell hair and a beaky nose.  I'm really diggin' the 60's style background I added!


An Everyday Face 8 / 365

Today I did a pencil drawing of a sculpture of Buddha.