Be an Artist EVERY day!

I have a huge list of things I “should” do everyday to make myself healthier, to make my life better, to improve my situation, and there are few of them that I do fairly often, a few I do some of the time, a few I do rarely, and others are pipe dreams, but I don’t do any of them EVERY day. So today I am beginning a 365 project. 

I have always considered myself an artist, yet in the last several years I have really settled into a couple of styles and mediums that have left me in a rut.  I find that I am only looking at art that is in my own genre and therefore I’m not really finding my own voice but mimicking the accents of those around me.  I feel like I’m out of touch with my originality and creativity and I know it needs a kick-start! 

I saw something online about Noah Scalin’s “Skull-A-Day” project, which then led me to his book “365: A Daily Creativity Journal”, and now I’m going to try it myself.  

The idea is to have a fairly narrow focus for either subject matter or medium, and since I need to get out of my medium for a bit I decided to choose a subject….. this is really hard.  First of all, if you know me well you know I’m a huge fan of Dia de los Muertos so I was a little pissed that skulls were already taken ;)
I decided to go with "Faces", since it’s something out of my comfort zone, something at which I really need to improve my skill, and will give me lots of latitude for inspiration.

I’m saying it out loud like this so you’ll know and help keep me on track, as I am a victim of extreme inertia.  I plan on posting my piece everyday on Facebook and on my Instagram: @desdeb

I’d love to hear your feedback, encouragement, and suggestions!