The Care and Feeding of your Body Art...




1. Be Careful not to smudge your henna while it is wet!  Henna stains wherever it touches you... if its in the shape of a smear, thats what your design will look like!

2. Leave the paste on for 4 to 8 hours.  If the weather is warm, and your henna is on your hands or feet (where it gets darkest) then you can stay more on the 4 hour end.... but if it's not HOT out and if your design is anywhere other than hands and feet you'll want to aim for 6 to 8 hours.

3. Keep it dry!  When its time to remove the henna paste make sure you scrape it off, don't get it wet.  You'll get best results if you can keep it away from water for the first 24 hours.  If the paste is difficult to remove use a little olive oil or lemon juice to "wash" it off.

4. The stain will be light orange at first, don't be alarmed, it needs to oxidize and darken, just like a cut apple will turn brown when exposed to air.  It may take up to 2 days before your stain reaches its darkest.  Try to keep away from water as much as possible for this time.

5. Henna stains the layers of skin that exfoliate, so anything you can do to keep your skin ON will keep your design on: keep moisturized with natural moisturizers, avoid pools and hot tubs, don't scrub the design when washing and drying, don't let clothing rub the area.

6. When going in the water try to protect your design with a smear of a thick natural moisturizer: shea butter, cocoa butter, Burt's Bees chapstick, or even coconut oil or olive oil.

7. Enjoy your beautiful artwork for a week or two!

8. Make an appointment for MORE Henna!!!