Deborah grew up in Columbus Ohio, where she was involved in art and performance during her upbringing. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History from Ohio University, where she was also involved in many types of applied arts as well as the acting program.  She recently relocated to Los Angeles California, and although she calls Ohio and California her homes, Deborah is an international artist and travels to wherever her services are needed.

A trip to Morocco in 2000 was the beginning of her foray into the body art world, as this was where she discovered the art of Henna.  Her sister was stationed in Taza Morocco in the US Peace Corps and Deborah took several trips to visit her, each time getting henna done and bringing some home with her to the United States.  Finding an online community of a handful of western henna artists she was one of the founders of the henna movement in the US.  A strong proponent of natural henna, and an educator of the dangers of so called "black henna" (which is the chemical PPD or para-phenylenediamine), Deborah is a board member of the ICNHA (International Certification for Natural Henna Artists) which ensures that henna artists are aware of the dangers of "black henna" PPD and that they are using safe, best practices when applying natural henna to their clients.   And she continues to be an exclusive and sought after henna artist.

As a henna instructor Deborah started teaching at face and body art conferences around the world, attending conventions and events from Austria to Australia!  While teaching henna to face and body artists she started sitting in on some classes, and the addition of face painting and temporary tattoo work to her business was a natural progression. Upon meeting and watching some of the greatest body painters in the world Deborah was enthralled and decided this was something with which she wanted to be involved.  In 2008 Deborah attended the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria where she entered the competition and painted her first whole body.  Falling in love with the combination of applied art, movement, and theater she has never looked back.

Deborah has three published design books for body artists,  she has competed 6 times in the World Competition, and in multiple other competitions over the years.